Thrive Health & Fitness


Are you ready to put yourself through a thriving fitness experience?

Are you ready to keep a balanced healthy weight while cooking Paleo recipes?

And, what about, meeting your vitamin and mineral recommended daily value (RDV)?

Discover the thriving life experience –


If yes, to any of these three questions then keep reading on, if not then at least rethink those thoughts for a moment longer. Staying physically active, eating balanced healthy meals, meeting essential vitamins and minerals intake, water, and sleep are crucial health factors to your body energy levels. Lack of sleep can result in not losing weight since body, is not getting full rest.

I enjoy running, weight-lifting, avid surfer, playing soccer, basketball, and walking around.  I’ll be creating a Fitness & Paleo guide that starts on June 1st, 2015, a bi-weekly newsletter guide, getting back into running speed again while eating essential Paleo inspired recipes to keep a balanced weight.

If you’re interested subscribe to my newsletter for more Fitness & Paleo information. On this page, you will find organic health products, abdominal, and stretching exercises that I would recommend 3-5 days a week with 1-2-day, rest period. This is really for people getting back into shape, who used to be in shape, but slipped off track. No worries, now its time to get back on track again!

For more information –

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For more information –


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