Green Energy

 You know there is energy all around us. In the air, the trees, flowers, your human body, and Earth receives and creates energy all around us.

There’re some people who capitalized on this idea of energy. Who saw the power of electricity to power up our homes, cities, buildings, and devices. One of the founders of GE (General Electric), Thomas Edison, is a part of the money fat cats, who capitalized on electric energy. Surely, Edison is a smart man, who wanted to promote his DC system to America. He even took in an intern to work on his DC system, a man named Nikola Tesla.

Tesla was happy join Edison in working on DC system and hoping to get paid for his work he contributed to Edison’s DC system. What did Tesla get in return? Nothing from Edison except a laugh in your face. After their falling out, Tesla went to work on his AC system. Tesla worked tirelessly on his AC (alternating current) system. The biggest gift Tesla wanted to give to the world is free wireless energy.

Clearly, that’s not happening today because people would rather profit from this idea. Let me ask you something. Would you like a return in profit from greedy energy corporations? I hope so because I am. Let me show you different ways you can start crediting your account from the energy corporations.

We can save money on energy; instead of, paying high energy bills to corporate money suckers. Who solely care about monetizing on free energy. I understand its market of business minded people who have researched electricity, but they want to profit on electricity that could be free to everyone living on planet Earth, but we have to pay a price for it.

I’ll be investing into energy-saving programs that will have energy corporations crediting our accounts. I’ll be referring to Nikola Tesla’s work on free energy. He’s a man, who should never be forgotten because he’s a man who cared deeply for his work and he shared his patents freely.  Stay tuned for more free-energy/green energy products to help you get your money back into your account.



  1. Hello saludes desde san salvador baiha. I am glad that I found your website. We need this kind of information to awake all our brothers and sisters out there so gracias y un calido abraso.

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