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It doesn’t hurt to ask for help when your seeking guidance. When you ask, you shall receive. When you improve yourself first, you will have a better idea how to help others.

A New Motto

I’ve been thinking for some time my blog needs a new meaning or a new motto. It needs a boost in mojo energy. I decided to join the @blogging101 community to get a refresher of assignments that will push me to write and engage in my inner thoughts, opinions, and feelings on our dynamic world and myself as an Earthian. The Buzz of Earthians when I first started writing was just one post every several months. I wasn’t consistent on writing posts on what’s going on in my local area or what’s going on with my own ambitions. I didn’t see commitment, mostly procrastination and waiting for it to happen automatically. “It”, could’ve been whatever thought I was wishing or dreaming and not actually implementing for myself. I saw on WordPress new feeds as my eyes scroll down a variety of stories, that one title which caught my eye, which was signing up for “July Blogging 101 and 102” a two part blogging series that help individual bloggers boost up their writing spirit and that’s currently …


Accessing Your Health

Hey Earthians, I’m currently studying at Cabrillo College for an A.A in Health Science/Community Health. Taking classes in nutrition and personal health. I want to share with you some things I learn from my classes. I’ll need to be aware of myself for certain behaviors that are good and bad health decisions. When I share this information with you, I hope you can do the same or take gradual steps, to change bad health behaviors into positive behaviors and staying consistent with your journey. I’m in the same boat, trying to stay consistent & balanced The word, “health” has different meanings because health doesn’t only mean your physical health if you’re an active person who enjoys exercising and the many daily life tedious habits. Getting sick from a common cold, the area where you live, your standpoint on your life, the things you conduct in, social environments, or the time of being unbalanced are factors of your health.  We need to meet high-level of health by moving toward positive health indicators. To meet one’s potential in each six …