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The History of the Confederate Flag of America

There was a lot of heat boiling in South Carolina Capital, about the issues of the Confederate battle flag being taken down from the premises. I thought one of the rules of war, was when the defeated group would have to burn their flags. The Confederate army lost the American Civil War against the Yankee army aka, “The North”.2015-07-26_20-52-56

The KKK is supporting the Confederate flag staying at South Carolina Capitol because they support their fore fathers who stood up for the Confederate flag, and the ideology of white supremacy over the inferior or colored race. The second designer by William T. Thompson referred to his flag as, “The White Man’s Flag”. Thompson stated that its color symbolized the supremacy of the white man.

William T. Thompson also stated in correspondence to his design for the confederate flag, “as a people we are fighting to keep up the Heaven ordained supremacy of the White man over the inferior or colored race, a white flag would thus be emblematical of our cause.” – William T. Thompson (April 23, 1863). The flag represents Confederacy ideology, which supported not abolishing slavery, against abolitionist fighting for the rights of slaves, and emancipation.


Abolitionism in the United States, was the movement of the American Civil War to end slavery. Supporting the end of the transatlantic slave trade of African human beings, being taken from their will to serve to white people needs in America.  The transatlantic slave trade initially started with Christopher Columbus discovering the island of Hispaniola in 1500. He also made voyages to Cuba, Jamaica, the Caribbean’s, and Central America countries when they were conquered by Spaniards and other European countries promoting Christian faith and settlements in the New World.

Now, you got history lesson of the second flag designer, abolitionism, and transatlantic slave trade. Let’s keep moving. By understanding who created the flag, why, and what did it represent to them. William T. Thompson, the second designer of the flag, is still transcending the meaning of the flag in today’s time. Even the men, who support the flag today, say their fore father’s defended the Confederate flag in the Civil War, clearly their ideals must still be the same back in 1800s.

Well, what the eff, its 2015, mature up KKK and appreciate those who are different from you. The South lost the American Civil War. You should recognize a positive approach to how your flag will represent your group to society by understanding civil matters, and respecting another race on equal terms of human society.

The Black Panthers represent an organization of people who are defending themselves against oppressors. They understand the representation of the Confederate flag as not giving Africans the same opportunities as white people, no equal lifestyle as white people, and taking the freewill of Africans during the time of the transatlantic slave trade was an economical factor to European countries and America.


Today, we’re seeing the repercussions of those times we have gone through and still facing today. Especially in America, the police brutality against many African-Americans in police custody using un-respectful tactics when attaining an African-American person into custody.

All due time, there’s still social tension between African-Americans/Black and Caucasian/White people. We have grown through time to become more supportive human beings to each other. Many of our African Earthian family have fought for their dignity and respect of who they are. Embrace the dignity of other Earthians who live differently from another on Mother Earth.

Respect and embrace who has lived a different culture from you

They’re will be certain groups who will inflict negative expressions to another race and generate hate. Sometime ones who express hate don’t think they’re expressing hate. When your attitude toward another human being is looking down on them or being un-respectful, that’s being rude, which will promotes negative gestures. Why be rude, when you can love, support, and respect each Earthian you come across in life.

Love all, respect, and be kind to another.

All the best,


P.S.- There are 12 more Confederate States of America who support the Confederate flag on their state’s capitol. 13 states seceded from the United States in April 1861, which represents the “strips” on the US American flag today.



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