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A New Motto

I’ve been thinking for some time my blog needs a new meaning or a new motto. It needs a boost in mojo energy. I decided to join the @blogging101 community to get a refresher of assignments that will push me to write and engage in my inner thoughts, opinions, and feelings on our dynamic world and myself as an Earthian.

The Buzz of Earthians when I first started writing was just one post every several months. I wasn’t consistent on writing posts on what’s going on in my local area or what’s going on with my own ambitions. I didn’t see commitment, mostly procrastination and waiting for it to happen automatically. “It”, could’ve been whatever thought I was wishing or dreaming and not actually implementing for myself.

I saw on WordPress new feeds as my eyes scroll down a variety of stories, that one title which caught my eye, which was signing up for “July Blogging 101 and 102” a two part blogging series that help individual bloggers boost up their writing spirit and that’s currently what I’m doing now. I’ve decided for the Buzz of Earthians to be a portal or hub of “Earthian social justice & my inner social adventures”.

At first, I wasn’t sure what the meaning or value was to my blog. I was just about writing about whatever, now I want to gear toward social issues in the United States and possibly further around the world once I get traveling again. I will also still write about my ambitions in life’ which are, attaining my master’s degree in Social Entrepreneurship and Nonprofit Administration but currently going to Cabrillo College to reach my nutrition, physical fitness, horticulture, and music.

My goals for the next six months including long and short term goals are to continually write on my blog on daily basis, practice Spanish, stretch every day and keep living life. This new step for my blog is going to exciting, involve engaging stories on the social dynamiter in the USA, and whatever challengings come my way.

Here goes to recreating the backbone of The Buzz of Earthians through the help of @blogging101, who’s sparking me to write posts on my blog. Thank you and more Earthians news to come.

Until next time,


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Hey Earthians, My name is Espe and I'm currently living in Aromas, CA. I enjoy working on my blogs/online business to be my primary foundation of work. I'm very interested in working in digital marketing and creating content that I'm passionate about sharing with other Earthians. I'm been investing my time in affiliate/digital marketing so I can escape the 9-5pm work routine. I enjoy promoting healthy food choices & recipes, digital products, affiliate networks, vitamin & beauty products, and entertainment & social news. Let's connect sometime. All the best, Espe

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