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Accessing Your Health

Hey Earthians,

I’m currently studying at Cabrillo College for an A.A in Health Science/Community Health. Taking classes in nutrition and personal health. I want to share with you some things I learn from my classes. I’ll need to be aware of myself for certain behaviors that are good and bad health decisions. When I share this information with you, I hope you can do the same or take gradual steps, to change bad health behaviors into positive behaviors and staying consistent with your journey.

I’m in the same boat, trying to stay consistent & balanced

The word, “health” has different meanings because health doesn’t only mean your physical health if you’re an active person who enjoys exercising and the many daily life tedious habits. Getting sick from a common cold, the area where you live, your standpoint on your life, the things you conduct in, social environments, or the time of being unbalanced are factors of your health.  We need to meet high-level of health by moving toward positive health indicators. To meet one’s potential in each six interrelated dimensions of health.

Six Dimensions of Health

Environmental Health: The people in your community, the air you breathe, the food we grow and eat, the cars we drive all affect our environmental health. These are the surroundings in our environment. Be aware of taking care of our external health. The place where you live, work, and play can positively or negatively affect you; protecting yourself from hazards in your environment and working to keep, protect, and improve environmental conditions for everyone.

Physical Health: Physical health characteristics has to do with body size, sensory acuity, responsiveness, susceptibility to disease and disorder, body functioning, physical fitness, and recuperative abilities.

Social Health: Having a broad social network of interpersonal friends, family members, and having a partner is part of overall social wellness. When you’re supportive and nurturing toward others.

Intellectual Health: To think clearly, reason objectively, analyze critically and use brain power effectively to meet life’s challenges. Learning from your successes and mistakes involve your intellectual health.

Emotional Health: Being able to express and say one’s emotions when needed be. Understanding yourself and those in your life. Self-esteem, self-confidence, self-efficacy, trust, love, and many other emotional reactions you influence onto other’s.will eject back.

Spiritual Health: Having a sense of meaning and purpose in your life. The belief of higher divine energy or specified way of living prescribed by a particular religion. The ability to understand and express one’s purpose in life.

These are the six dimensions of health for our well-being, we need to keep up and balance ourselves every day. I understand, we strive for a few dimensions to keep up and lack to help other health dimensions. Sometimes, we only strive for one and disregard the other dimensions of health. Balance is the keyword. Not overcompensation in some parts of your health but achieving balance in all six dimensions of health.

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I'm joining the experience to help alleviate physical discomfort and promote physical abundance.

I’m joining the experience to help ease physical discomfort and promote physical abundance.

I’ve decided to join the Le-Vel family in promoting nutritional products to customers who enjoy the healthy side of life. Life is what you make of it, but I hope we can strive for balance in ourselves and the well-being of others. Make that step into moving your body in a forward motion. The only way we’re going is forward and if you want to join me in this adventure get ready to reach new heights in your human body.

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Hey Earthians, My name is Espe and I'm currently living in Aromas, CA. I enjoy working on my blogs/online business to be my primary foundation of work. I'm very interested in working in digital marketing and creating content that I'm passionate about sharing with other Earthians. I'm been investing my time in affiliate/digital marketing so I can escape the 9-5pm work routine. I enjoy promoting healthy food choices & recipes, digital products, affiliate networks, vitamin & beauty products, and entertainment & social news. Let's connect sometime. All the best, Espe

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