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The Buzz of Network Marketing

Hello fellow Earthians,

I’ve been digging into the world of network marketing to pursue a path in doing business online instead of, the traditional way of doing business. I wanted to state, that I will be writing more about networking marketing, online businesses, and work from home programs to show you the legitimate programs that make you money online. I know there’s been a lot of talk on how network marketing, MLM (multi-level marketing), and working from home is all about scams and pyramid schemes. To easily entice you to buy a product or service, then market that product or service in your community, and hopefully make a sale or two.

Most people might not make a sale in their first couple of months because they could be using the old traditional ways of marketing. Calling friends and family, who are sort of interested, but will still take some work to get them to opt-in. Calling people is still effective, but people are busy, it’s hard for some people to find the time to speak to them about your product or service your trying to sell. It’s really about using social media platforms to find your niche your trying to sell to. You should sell to your niche, because they’re the people who are interested in talking and buying your product. Rather than, calling everyone on your contact list to see who would be interested in buying your product or service will take a lot of time out of you.

I will be working hard on the Buzz of Earthians blog, to talk about network marketing, work from home business, MLM, and more about the online world. I’m here to serve my fellow Earthians with quality and legitimate network marketing systems that can make you money online, because I’m using their network and will show you how I recruit more people into the network. Network marketing is about working as a whole, as a team, and a web. As I research more about network marketing it creates a sustainable income, a community of entrepreneurs who want to own their own time, and show what they can bring and change in the world with their network.

Have a blessed day,


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Hey Earthians, My name is Espe and I'm currently living in Aromas, CA. I enjoy working on my blogs/online business to be my primary foundation of work. I'm very interested in working in digital marketing and creating content that I'm passionate about sharing with other Earthians. I'm been investing my time in affiliate/digital marketing so I can escape the 9-5pm work routine. I enjoy promoting healthy food choices & recipes, digital products, affiliate networks, vitamin & beauty products, and entertainment & social news. Let's connect sometime. All the best, Espe

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