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For some reason, this post has been blank (until I finally decided I need to write it again), which I thought I pressed the update button to enter in my post about how I identify as an African-American woman living in the United States. I’m guessing the first time I posted this, it was too racial towards a certain group of people. I wasn’t trying to put a main target on a certain group. More just get an understanding how you can feel my feelings as African-American woman living in dominantly white cities. Where there’s not much of a melting pot of people, and sometimes I feel alone; even though, I’m not alone.

Either way, I shouldn’t have to identify myself as African-American. I could say to myself, I’m Esperance, that’s what I’ve been called since I was born. Why is it when I look at myself in the mirror. I see myself as black and some people in the area I live, don’t always associate themselves with black people, so I feel its hard to be inclusive. To acknowledge a different Earthian from yourself and to not judge immediately until you get to know the Earthian. When you a judge an Earthian, right off the bat your not being open-minded about different Earthians. Then again, we can’t suit everyone on this planet Earth. I understand, as Earthians there are people who we are going to get along with and there are others who we will not like. But our mentality on hate, still keeps rising above love, but it’s slowly coming together I hope.

I’m also really lucky to have amazing friends who I can talk about this with. It’s important to hear another perception of an issue that you could be facing. When you always hear what’s on your side, your only getting one point of view, but when you hear from another perception than you understand your viewer’s perception. However, the part I feel we lack most on Earth is reasoning with each other as nations. Maybe if we reasoned a little more on certain issues, we could find common ground and be more civil with each other.

As Earthians, living on the same planet with so many different nationalities, cultures, languages, races, music, art, food, and environment its a good thing were all so different and unique. We can learn a whole lot more about our differences, but it’s also about accepting and respecting our differences.

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Hey Earthians, My name is Espe and I'm currently living in Aromas, CA. I enjoy working on my blogs/online business to be my primary foundation of work. I'm very interested in working in digital marketing and creating content that I'm passionate about sharing with other Earthians. I'm been investing my time in affiliate/digital marketing so I can escape the 9-5pm work routine. I enjoy promoting healthy food choices & recipes, digital products, affiliate networks, vitamin & beauty products, and entertainment & social news. Let's connect sometime. All the best, Espe

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