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Things are coming back together

Can’t believe its already the end of April. At this time, I was hoping to have my blog/website of the Buzz of Earthians fully up and running but it seems procrastination is still in my blood. Maybe its just my attitude toward my work. If I didn’t say, “I’m such a procrastinator.” Makes me an actually procrastinator and I’m telling myself continually that I am. However, I should change that around and say, “I’m not a procrastinator and I get my work done on timely manner.” This statement is a positive affirmation that I don’t procrastinate and have good time management.

After a month of not working and looking for part/full-time work. I’ve finely found work with Back to the Roots, an organization that makes sustainable products. The two products they’re selling are AquaFarms and Mushroom Kits. I will be working as a Brand Ambassador advocating their products in Costco stores. I will have a table in the store and will be able to have a conversion with customers who are interested in buying AquaFarms and Mushrooms Kits. I’m excited about the new job because its about promoting sustainable products, growing new skills in sales, and being personable with people who’s interested in learning more about the AquaFarms and Mushrooms Kits.

With this part-time job, I will be capable of investing in my online business and blog. I realize that I gotta start setting my priorities straight if I want to succeed as a blogger, internet marketer, personal trainer and Brand Ambassador. I need to be persistent and determined. I want to be successful at what I do but I have tendency to get side tracked with going out with my friends and day dreaming. Either way, things are coming together because I had to be patient; even though, I would want them to come sooner than later but being patient is tuff.

The Buzz of Earthians will have more content in each section. I just need you to be patient and it will all come together. There’s new content on the Business/Entrepreneur section on Affiliate Marketing, please check it out if your interested in getting into affiliate marketing. Thanks for taking the time to read my post and will be in touch tomorrow.

All the best Earthian,



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